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Not 'visitor' but 'resident' Not 'visit' but 'return' Come to Kyoto to feel free and relaxed at your very own villa.

Discover in Kyoto

A local monthly magazine produces ''Magazine accommodation''. From a tourist attraction route to a traditional cultural experience; from local exciting news to making a reservation at a restaurant; we will show our skill at concierge service.

Take a taste of Kyoto

Most of our fresh vegetables are obtained directly from a farm in Kyoto.
For breakfast, we provide an omelet, a seasonal salad, freshly baked bread,
seasonal fruits, yogurt, a glass of orange juice and fresh hot coffee.

Drink Japanese sake in Kyoto

The bar on the first floor serves Japanese sake, including locally-brewed sake that has been carefully selected by Japanese sake sommeliers. And we provide various kinds of small sake cups to capture the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Sleep well in Kyoto

We have equipped Aneyakoji's Superior room with Simmons beds, which make for good night's sleep, and Aneyakoji's Premium room with beddings by IWATA, which develops products based on sleep science.

Interior design in the hotel with articles made in Kyoto

The soft lighting in the lobby, designed by a traditional Japanese paper products designer, Eriko Horiki, warmly eases the weariness of the traveler. The furniture in the guest rooms is selected using an aRC FURNITURE POINT which searches for comfortable furniture. Articles, from the long-established Nishijin silk fabrics store, HOSOO, give an impression of Kyoto.