Excursion and Shopping

Along Aneyakoji Street, there are many interesting spots, such as popular local restaurants and a shop dealing in fabrics for kimono, and they create an atmosphere of the real Kyoto. Villa Aneyakoji is located in one of the most suitable places to discover something special in Kyoto, and nearby is Nijo-castle, known as a UNESCO world heritage site. Of course, it's possible to drop in on Nishiki-Market while taking a walk. Your destination each day depends on how you want. To enjoy your Kyoto days.

Excursion and Shopping
Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle was built in 1603 as the Kyoto residence of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. There are famous "fusuma" paintings, the Ninomaru Garden, etc. which are very worth seeing. We are sure the gorgeous castle will fascinate all visitors.

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market, known as ''Kyoto's Kitchen'', is a narrow, 300 meters long shopping street lined with many stores specializing in 'Kyoto-vegetables', 'yuba', pickled vegetables, etc. It is a great street to have a taste of Kyoto specialties.

Sanjo Street

Sanjo Street, 13 kilometers long, from a canal in the north part of Higashiyama to Arashiyama, is a multifaceted street. Chic cafés and fashionable stores can be found from Karasuma to Kawaramachi on Sanjo Street.

Teramachi Street

Teramachi Street used to be called the ''Temple Town Street", and some of the temples still remain. Along Teramachi Street from Shijo to Oike, there is everything that visitors could want. This area is a great favorite with tourist.

Kyoto International Manga Museum

This museum exhibits over 50,000 comics and animation materials for study and research on the comic culture. There is a "Manga Expo" showing comics from various nations, and a "Kids Library", which has a lot of illustrated books. It is a great cultural spot for young and old,